Building Department Photo
Pictured left to right: Dave Fairley, Mitch Flagg, Sue Duggan, Jamie Cassara, and Brian Thompson

The Town of Ogden Building Department works with new homeowners and long-time residents interested in building new homes, or making alterations to existing ones, as well as people wishing to do commercial construction and alterations, including change in occupancies. Our staff will work with you to help make the building permit and certificate of occupancy (C/O) process as simple as possible. In addition, the department is involved with all Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals applications.  All Town Codes are accessible via the internet. The Building Department is currently open to the public. We are processing permit applications in person, via email, drop box, and US Mail.  Inspections may be scheduled by calling the Building Department at least 24 hours ahead of time at 585-617-6195.

Brian Thompson - Building Inspector

Sue Duggan - Assistant Building Inspector


Jamie Cassara - Building/Planning/Zoning Clerk 

Mitch Flagg - Fire Marshal

Dave Fairley- Assistant Fire Marshal

Hours of O
peration:   Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Phone: (585) 617-6195
Fax: (585) 352-4590

TOWN ZONING MAPS (updated 2016)


To protect the health, safety and welfare of the residents through enforcement of the NYS Building Code and the Code of the Town of Ogden.  To provide control & direction of development to benefit the whole; maintain open communication, and provide fiscal responsibility.  Building permit inspections and certificates of occupancy are your assurance and ours that your home and the buildings and stores in the Town meet the building codes for structural soundness and fire safety.