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People prefer to live near a public library if they have a choice, and often perceive library access as part of an enhanced quality of life.

With the increasing use of the Internet and online media to support political and social activities and to provide access to news and current events across the country, access to the Internet becomes an important component of community life. We find that people use our library: for computers and Internet connection to research genealogy, to promote early literacy, to organize community groups, volunteer, engage in fundraising activities, and keep up with the news and current events. The actions enabled by access to the library computers for many users are perhaps even more important, including employment services and economic development.

More and more, economic development success strategies involve people, technology, and growing an infrastructure for economic activity built on ideas, knowledge, experience, and quality of life. As communities become more distributed and less based on geographic proximity, the library is helping those who might otherwise have no other access to online communities participate in an active way in our society.

Our Ogden Farmers Library is deeply involved with people, technology, and quality of life.