Quality of Life

Quality of life considerations are exceptional in the Town of Ogden. Located in Western New York, along the Erie Canal corridor and easily accessible, the Town rural farming community, peaceful countryside and deep, clear waters of the Erie Canal and nearby Lake Ontario offer adventure for lovers of all kinds of outdoor activities. We are proud of our sparkling water, fresh air and lush, green landscapes. Miles and miles of peaceful country are here for your enjoyment. We're a mecca for hunting, fishing, biking, hiking or boating.

Families and Neighbors...With a very low crime rate, unlimited recreational opportunities, a low cost of living, and prevailing community respect for family, church, education, work and community, the Town of Ogden is an optimal location to raise a family. We are the kind of community where families and neighbors are very important. Our Ogden Senior Center is open to serve residents age 65 and older. Local churches are quite active within the community. The Town of Ogden is where business is encouraged and supported, where employees still believe in an honest day’s work, and where people are on a first name basis with community leaders.

Endless Recreational Possibilities...Pineway Ponds Park, Heritage Trail Park and the historical Pulver House offer residents and visitors a variety of activities, as does the County's Northampton Park, Springdale Farm and numerous golf courses. Enjoyment along the Erie Canal provides residents and visitors a relaxing stroll or bike ride along many historical and scenic areas within the town.

Educational Opportunities...People in Monroe County and the Town of Ogden consider themselves fortunate to live in a community that combines the low cost and sensibilities of rural living coupled with the extensive educational opportunities available through numerous academic institutes.