Full Payments - September 1 - October 1…No Interest Due…Pay TOTAL AMOUNT of tax bill to Noelle Burley, Receiver of Taxes.

Installment Payments - All school districts accept installment payments and may be paid by following these instructions:

  • First Installment - Pay TOTAL amount including service charge, on stub #1 by September 15th to Noelle Burley, Receiver of Taxes.
  • September 16th to September 20th ADD 1% INTEREST TO TOTAL amount including service charge on stub #1 and PAY to Noelle Burley, Receiver of Taxes.
  • Providing the first installment (due 9/15) has been made properly, installments for due dates October 15th and November 15th, only are payable to Monroe County Treasury.
  • If the First Installment is NOT paid by September 20th, the installment plan is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. The full amount of the school tax bill must be paid. (See Instruction A above).


School taxes unpaid after that date, plus accrued interest and penalties, will be relevied onto the next year's Town and County tax bill.

CHECKS must be made out CORRECTLY.

NO third party CHECKS will be accepted.

Persons having a check returned to the Receiver marked INSUFFICIENT FUNDS or for ANY OTHER REASON will be charged an additional $20.00 penalty, payable before the returned check is redeposited.