Road Projects

Each year, the Town of Ogden surface treats approximately 10 to 20 miles of town-owned roads with an application of "oil and stone" to preserve the asphalt surface and extend the life of town roads. These resurfacing projects usually begin in May, weather permitting. The overall project schedule will vary depending on weather conditions and equipment availability. 
The town does not apply oil and stone as an alternative to paving; instead, the surface treatment is preventative maintenance to prolong the life of roadways, similar to the practice of residential driveway sealing. Oil is applied to seal the pavement surface and fill any small surface cracks that allow water to get into the pavement and cause premature failure, shortening the life of the road. Crushed stone adds friction as a "wear surface" to minimize slippery roads and improve safety.
The resurfacing process moves along quickly, and access to the roads will be disrupted for only 10 to 15 minutes; roads can be driven on immediately at a reduced speed of 10 to 15 mph. Highway street sweepers will clean up loose stones within a few weeks of application.
    • The following roads were selected for surface treatment in 2024:
      • Adams Trail
      • Airy Drive
      • Alana Drive
      • Barkwood Lane
      • Blue Heron Drive
      • Brockport Road
      • Chambers Street
      • Clearview Drive
      • Clover Lane
      • Eagle Feather Circle
      • Fern Way
      • Grey Wolf Drive
      • Kristin Drive
      • Lorric Lane N
      • Lorric Lane S
      • Meadow Drive
      • Mondavi Circle
      • Ogden Sweden Townline Road
      • Osage Trail
      • Park Road
      • Pinewood Drive
      • Pirates Cove
      • Ritson Lane
      • Sandstone Drive 
      • Thistlewood Circle
      • Thistlewood Lane
      • Turner Drive
      • Tyler Terrace
      • Union Pointe Drive
      • Via Visca
      • Vroom Road
      • Waters Edge Drive
      • Whittier Road
      • Willow Wind Trail
      • Wood Duck Run