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    • Annual Brush, Stump, &  Leaf Collection Schedule
    • Brush, Stump, & Bagged Leaf Pickup Rules
      • Leaf vacuums are out daily to collect raked leaf piles.
      • Please rake leaves to the edge of your property and NOT in the roadway.
      • Please don't rake leaves into any drainage ditches as this could obstruct the flow of water.
      • Only leaves should be raked into the piles to be vacuumed. No other materials, debris, sticks, etc., should be placed into the piles as this could potentially cause damage to our equipment or harm to our employees.
      • Please don't rake leaves into drainage grates or catch basins.
      • Please don't rake leaves into the gutters.
      • Please don't place raked leaves into any containers such as boxes, plastic bags, barrels, cans, etc., as they will not be picked up. Leaves that are placed in biodegradable bags will still be picked up.
      • Please don't place raked leaf piles behind any structures or obstacles such as trees, cars, mailboxes, fire hydrants, signs, light poles, etc.
      • Leaves that are dropped off at the drop off location must be in biodegrade bags or loose. No other items can be dropped off. 
    • Composting Information
    • Concrete Waste Pickup 
    • Leaf Pickup Guidelines
    • Mulch Availability