Other Exemptions

Business Investment Exemption:The Business Investment Exemption is available to property owners of recently improved commercial, business, or industrial property. This exemption partially exempts the qualifying improvement only. The exemption graduates the would-be tax increase toward full value over a ten-year period. The level of discount varies according to tax jurisdiction. There is an additional requirement to apply within one year of completion of the improvement.

Business Investment Exemption Application  (RP-485-b)Clergy Exemption:Section 460 of the Real Property Tax Law authorizes an exemption from real property taxation (but not special ad valorem levies or special assessments) to the extent of fifteen hundred dollars ($1,500 assessed value) for real property owned by a member of the clergy or the unmarried surviving spouse of such member of the clergy meeting the statutory qualifications. This exemption is applied against the assessed value of the property.

Real Property Members of the Clergy Application  (RP-460)


First-time applications:
     RP-420-a/b-Org-Schedule A
     RP-420-a-Org  (Mandatory Class)
     RP-420-a-Org  (Permissive Class)

Renewal applications:
     Renewal applications are mailed by the Town of Ogden Assessor's Office annually
     The following forms are necessary if there is a change in the Organization:
          RP-420-a/b-Rnw I (Org)
          RP-420-a/b-Rnw-Schedule A