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Property TaX Exemption Impact Report New STAR Requirements AS OF 2019:
  • To receive the Enhanced STAR exemption, you must enroll in the Income Verification Program (IVP). If you're already enrolled, no action is needed.
  • If you qualify for the Low-Income Senior Citizens exemption, you will no longer automatically receive the Enhanced STAR exemption. You must apply for the Enhanced STAR separately.

STAR program changes:

If your income is greater than $250,000 and less than or equal to $500,000:

If you currently receive the Basic STAR exemption and your income is between $250,000 and $500,000, the program is changing for you. If eligible, you will now receive a check for the STAR credit instead of the reduction on your school tax bill.

If you receive a letter asking you to update your STAR registration (Form RP-425-RDM), follow the instructions below to use the online STAR Registration application.

If your income is $250,000 or less:

If you currently receive the STAR exemption, you can choose to register for the STAR credit to receive a check instead; you may receive a greater benefit. To learn more, see the links below.

Register for the STAR credit.
Questions and answers for homeowners about the new STAR Credit Program.

Current STAR exemption recipients:

  • Current Basic and Enhanced STAR exemption recipients will keep their exemption as long as they continue to own their current home and continue to meet residency and income eligibility requirements.
Mailing of Exemption Renewal Applications: Renewal applications are mailed in the fall (usually late September). 

Please read the instructions that accompany the renewal application carefully, doing so may avoid additional trips for you. You may contact the Assessor's Office if you do not receive your renewal application.

All new and renewal applications, and supporting documentation if applicable, are due to the Assessor's Office by March 1st.