Seniors (65 or over by December 31, 2016)

Senior Citizens with Limited Incomes (includes Enhanced STAR):

This exemption offers various levels of discounts based on your level of need as determined by your household income. The current maximum household income is $37,400 (combined income of all owners and their spouses). All of the owners must be 65 or over by December 31, 2016, except in the case of a spouse or sibling(s) (as defined by law).

Income for the Low-Income Senior Citizens exemption includes, but is not limited to: gross Social Security wages, Railroad retirement, disability payments, workers' compensation, veterans disability payments, all interest income (exempt and taxable), dividends, all pensions/annuities (exempt and taxable) unemployment compensation, alimony, rental income, business income, capital gains, contributions from adult residents (even if it is in the form of rent/mortgage, utility payments, etc. - see worksheet below).

The property must be your primary residence for the past twelve consecutive months (prior to filing) unless you were receiving the Senior Citizen with Limited Income exemption on your last residence (proof required).

Applications are due by the taxable status date (March 1st) of the year that your turn 65 or thereafter.

For first-time applicants: In addition to the application, you must submit proof of your residency, age and income (see Low-Income Senior Checklist below). Depending on your income and the limits set by the taxing jurisdictions (subject to change), discounts may be applicable to school, town, county, and village taxes.

This exemption must be renewed annually by taxable status date (March 1st). Renewal forms and instructions/checklist are mailed from the Town of Ogden Assessor's Office in late September. In addition to the renewal application, you must provide income documentation every year (see Low-Income Senior Checklist below).

Third Party Notification is available for the Low-Income Senior Citizens exemption:   RP-467-TPN

All new and renewal applicants:
   2016 Low-Income Senior Checklist and Income Information
   Additional Income Affidavit and Disclosure

New Senior Citizen applications (renewals will be mailed late October):

    Senior Citizen with Ltd Income Application (RP-467)
    Senior Citizen with Ltd Income Instructions  (RP-467-Ins)
    Senior Citizen informational brochure

Additional Residents Contribution worksheet (when applicable)

Net rents paid by an adult child or other adult resident to the owner is considered income, even if those rents are in the form of the payment of expenses of maintaining the house in exchange for the person's right to occupy the premises. Please click on the worksheet link above, complete the form and submit it with the application.

Enhanced STAR:

Enhanced STAR is the same as the Basic STAR except that extra discounts are available to seniors. For the 2016 Assessment Roll:

     1.  All owners must be 65 or older by December 31st, 2016 (except in the case of spouse or sibling as defined by law).
     2.  You must meet the income eligibility requirement.
              - current maximum combined income of all owners, and any spouse that resides on the property, is $84,550 (subject to change)
              - based on 2014 income  (Adjusted Gross Income less Taxable IRA Distributions)
     3.  You must apply before March 1, 2016 to the Town of Ogden Assessor's Office.
              - provide a completed form RP-425
              - provide proof of age and residency (driver's license)

This exemption must be renewed annually. There are two methods to renew:

     1. Traditional: a renewal form will be mailed to you by the Assessor's Office (late October) and you must submit the application and income documentation to the Assessor's Office by March 1st.

     2. Income Verification Program: If you file an income tax return with New York State every year you may participate in the Income Verification Program (IVP) in which New York State Department of Taxation and Finance would verify your income for STAR purposes. 


    Enhanced STAR Checklist and Instructions
    Basic STAR and first-time Enhanced STAR application  RP-425
    Enhanced STAR Income Verification Program (IVP)  RP-425-IVP 
    STAR program informational brochure
    Income for STAR Purposes Worksheet  (if you do not file income taxes - need backup documents i.e. 1099's, etc.)
    Third Party Notification is available for the Enhanced Star Exemption    RP-425-TPN

Other related exemptions:

    Living Quarters for Parent or Grandparent
         - You must include a copy of the year-end Social Security statement (1099-SSA) of the qualifying parent/grandparent with the application.

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