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     2018 Tentative Assessment Roll
     Assessor's Affidavit for 2018 Tentative Assessment Roll

2017 Final Assessment Roll

     Assessor's Affidavit of the 2017 Final Assessment Roll

2018 Townwide Reassessment Project

Over the last four years since the last townwide reassessment in 2014, local property values have appreciated significantly. Since Ogden assesses at 100% of market value, assessments should be periodically updated where needed to keep them in line with market values. This also ensures that fair and equitable assessments are maintained. Change of Assessment Notices for any affected properties will be mailed in spring 2018. They will have instructions about how to schedule an informal assessment review of a preliminary assessment if one disagrees.

Change of Assessment Notices are mailed to affected residents in early March, 2018.

The following are some helpful pamphlets which may answer some of your questions or concerns: 



          HOW TO ESTIMATE THE MARKET VALUE OF YOUR HOME   (Publication 1115)          

STAR program changes:

As a result of recent law changes, some homeowners will receive a STAR credit in the form of a check directly from New York State, rather than receiving a STAR exemption on their school tax bill. The amount of your benefit will be the same regardless of how you receive it.

Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, in order to receive a STAR credit, new STAR applicants will need to register with the New York State Department of Tax and Finance either by calling 518-457-2036 or online by clicking the following link:            Register for the STAR credit.

Click the following link for: Questions and answers for homeowners about the new STAR Credit Program.

Current STAR exemption recipients:
  • Current Basic and Enhanced STAR exemption recipients will keep their exemption as long as they continue to own their current home and continue to meet residency and income eligibility requirements.
  • Current Enhanced STAR exemption recipients who are not enrolled in the Income Verification Program must continue to file a renewal application with their local assessor each year.

Mailing of Exemption Renewal Applications:

Renewal applications for Enhanced STAR, Low-Income Senior Citizen, Low-Income Persons with Disability, Clergy and Parsonage exemptions will be mailed by the end of September. Agricultural renewals and Parent/Grandparent "In-law" renewals will be mailed by the end of December.

Please read the instructions that accompany the renewal application carefully, doing so may avoid additional trips for you.
You may contact the Assessor's Office if you do not receive your renewal application.

All new and renewal applications, and supporting documentation if applicable, are due to the Assessor's Office by March 1st.

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Business Resources

Located on the Erie Canal, we are a community in upstate New York just west of Rochester, Monroe County, the Town of Ogden has exactly what you have been looking for, and exactly what you need to locate your business here. A pro-business attitude, business sites, and an unsurpassed quality of life focused on family, friends, and the outdoors. Combine this with a lower cost of doing business relative to adjacent metropolitan areas, our strategic location, a qualified workforce, and incentives to expand or locate your business, and you have the foundation for success. Our strategic location, just minutes from NYS Interstate 90, expressways (390, 490 and 590), and 15 minutes from the Rochester International Airport make our community very accessible and is within one hour to metropolitan areas to the West and just a few hours of most metropolitan areas to the East. The citizens of Ogden are skilled workers, dedicated to their jobs, homes and families.  Abundant educational opportunities exist at nearby schools and universities, SUNY Brockport, Roberts Weslyan College, Monroe Community College, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Rochester to mention a few. These are bold statements and we stand ready to deliver on every one of them. The Town of Ogden is about committment and we're committed to attracting new business. We invite you to browse our website to gain a better insight as to what we have to offer, and we encourage you to contact us for any additional information.

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