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Mass Appraisal

An assessed value is based on the market value of the property. However, municipalities utilize a process commonly known as mass appraisal that values hundreds or thousands of properties at once, not individually. Since the process focuses on multiple properties, their similarities and differences, it is more generalized than a single-property appraisal. The focus of mass appraisal is on the equity of the results.

Informal Assessment Reviews:   (January-early April)

The informal assessment review process allows owners to submit documentation to the Assessor for review of their property's assessment. An interior and/or exterior inspection may be requested by you or the Assessor's Office if deemed necessary.

You may submit a request for an informal assessment review for the 2020 Assessment Roll in person or by mail up to April 10, 2020. Forms and instructions are available below. 

Results for the informal reviews:  An Assessment Notice will be mailed the first week of May with the results from the informal hearing (regardless of whether or not a change was made). Any changes made through this informal process will be for the next available Tentative Assessment Roll (filed May 1st) and is not retroactive. If you are not satisfied with the results, you may file a a formal complaint with the Board of Assessment Review. 


      2020 - How To Request An Informal Assessment Review (instructions)

      2020 - Request for Residential Informal Assessment Review (form)

Formal Assessment Reviews:    (fourth Tuesday in May, every year)

The Tentative Assessment Roll is filed on May 1st each year and marks the beginning of the formal review process.

The Assessor's Office will not accept complaint forms (RP-524) before the May 1st filing of the Tentative Assessment Roll.

The formal assessment reviews are conducted annually by the Board of Assessment Review on Grievance day - the 4th Tuesday of May every year. The next meeting will be MAY 26, 2020 (time is to be determined).

There are two options available to you:

1.  Schedule an appointment to meet with the Board of Assessment Review in person. Visit or call the Assessor's Office at 617-6107 after May 1st and before Grievance Day (May 26, 2020). Please note:  no appointments will be made without receipt of the completed Form RP-524. Supporting documentation for your claim is recommended at the time of scheduling (this allows time for multiple copies to be made for the Board members, prior to the hearing - please see our copy policy below). The Board of Assessment Review will review the information submitted and send a Notice of Determination in early June. 

2. Without an appearance from you or a representative. Submit the Form RP-524 and supporting documentation to the Assessor's Office by May 26, 2020. The Board of Assessment Review will review the information submitted and send a Notice of Determination in early June.

One complaint form must be submitted for each parcel that you are grieving.


The Assessor's Office will make the necessary copies of the RP-524 complaint form and supporting documentation for the Board of Assessment Review IF they are received on or before Friday, May 22, 2020.

After May 22nd, the owner/complainant will be responsible to provide the original plus five (5) copies of the RP-524 complaint form and supporting documentation for the Board on or before Grievance Day. This also applies for the submission of any additional ("last minute") documentation.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A COPIER:  A copier is available for public use at the Ogden Farmer's Library during normal business hours for a fee of $.25 per copy if needed.

Forms may be printed by clicking the link(s) below:  (complete packet or individual forms)

COMPLETE PACKET for filing a formal grievance (Town of Ogden). 
(Note: Packet will be available for download in April, 2020)
Packet includes:
    2020-Grievance Paperwork-Copy Notice  (1 page)
    2020-Ogden Procedure (Instructions)   (1 page)
    2020-Ogden Fact Sheet   (1 page)
    Pub.1114-Contesting Your Assessment in New York State (info packet and instructions)   (8 pages)
    Form RP-524-ins-Instructions for completing the Complaint on Real Property Assessment form  (4 pages)
    Form RP-524-Complaint on Real Property Assessment FORM   (4 pages)


    Complaint on Real Property Assessment Form  (RP-524)
    Complaint Form Instructions  (RP-524-Ins)
    Contesting Your Assessment in New York State (informational booklet)
    Town of Ogden Procedures for filing a formal grievance (Board of Assessment Review)

Small Claims Assessment Review:

Small Claims Assessment Review (a.k.a. SCAR) is for qualifying non-commercial property owners who want to appeal their Grievance (Board of Assessment Review) decision. Small claim forms and filing fees are submitted to the State Supreme Court. A copy of the claim is given to the Ogden Assessor's Office and several other parties. For more information:  Small Claims

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